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Family Fun Awaits You at the Leavenworth County Fair!

July 26 – July 30, 2022

The Fair invites everyone – adults, the elderly, kids, and couples – to enjoy all the great games and amazing attractions that we have to offer. Every year, the crowds get bigger and every year we love finding new ways to keep patrons entertained!

Leavenworth County Fair

We’ll See You at the Fair!

  • Fair Parade
  • Armband Night (a different color every night)
  • Draft Horse Pull
  • MoKan Youth Rodeo
  • URA/MRCA Rodeo
  • Mutton Busting First Go & Mini Bull Riding
  • 4-H Livestock Auction, Pre-Auction Events, Auction Registration
  • 4-H Open Horse Show
  • Mud Run (rules & classes)
  • Bull Riding and Mutton Busting Championship
  • 4-H/FFA and Open Class Exhibits
  • Commercial Exhibits
  • Kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull
  • Carnival Rides, Games, and Concessions on the Midway
  • And Much, Much More!

Fair and Open Class Superintendents

Still Have Questions?

Get the answers fast by speaking directly to one of our organizers using the contact list below.

4-H Questions

2021 Fair Board Members

  • Andrew Breuer
  • Brandon Marshall
  • Bryan Kemp
  • Cale Wiehe
  • Dan Yates
  • David Todd
  • Dennis Eberth
  • Dick Olson
  • Glenn Berry
  • Ian Leintz
  • Jamie Moore
  • Joshua Reischman
  • Judith Manthe
  • Kevin Miller
  • Marlo Megee
  • Mike Johnson
  • Mike Kissinger
  • Mike McKiddy
  • Nick Greenwood
  • Ron Ewert
  • William Mattox

The Leavenworth County Fair: We’ll See You There!